Coffee inspires creativity—this is merely an overflow of that. A bit of my coffee journey in the form of doodles and sketches.
January 3, 2013

I love continuity. Having some sense of fluidity in a process—whether in designing, crafting, or creating—is extremely appealing and something that gives a sense of closure to the entire process.

Brewing coffee is no different. Even though the functions of the brewing tools matter more than the form, having that continuity present between each step of the process is fulfilling.

With Hario, each step of the process is covered—from grinder to kettle to pourover to server to glass.

Recently, they’ve even thrown a beautiful scale into the mix (see a great overview of it here, courtesy of DCILY).

Here’s a doodle I did that summarizes a portion of the brewing process. If you’re thinking of getting into manually brewing your coffee, Hario is a good place to start.

Kettle: Hario Buono
Pourover: V60
Server: Hario Range Server
Hand Grinder: Hario Skerton
Glass: Hario V60 double walled glasses


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July 27, 2012

I’m not sure what inspired it, but I’ve turned my first PT’s experience into a sea-faring adventure. Jeff at PT’s was kind enough to send a couple of their latest offerings from Kenya my way. I enjoyed drawing this almost as much as I enjoyed the coffee itself. The Kenya Thiriku came out extremely nice in a V60 this morning—full of a deep maple and sweet grape flavor.

Thanks, Jeff!

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April 22, 2012

One of the biggest inspirations for my doodle project, and one of the many catalysts for my renewed love of coffee was the site Dear Coffee, I Love You.

Through this site, I’ve learned about a lot of great roasters from around the world. One of these roasters is Koppi, based out of Helsingborg, Sweden.

I’ve been anxious to try coffee from Koppi for some time – thanks to the kindness of both Anne Lunell of Koppi, and Brian Jones of DCILY, I was able to. A huge thanks to both of them for being willing to send this my way. It’s almost time for fika in Ohio!




January 13, 2012

After hearing about the Kenya Gichathaini from Kuma Coffee for the last week, I received my 8oz. and dug in this morning with a V60. Thoughts: it was like biting into a juicy, tart, sweet, and smooth grapefruit. It rounded off into more of a melon, rye, and rooibos taste toward the end. The after taste really reminded me of a vanilla syrup and rooibos combo. Fantastic.

Oh, discount the burlap sack -Mark from Kuma informed me that the Kenya Gicha comes in 15 kilo vacuum bricks, not burlap sacks!

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