Coffee inspires creativity—this is merely an overflow of that. A bit of my coffee journey in the form of doodles and sketches.
November 8, 2012

I recently had the privilege to team up with Keith Gehrke over at Able Brewing for a limited edition Kone V.3 Brewing Instruction poster. To me, Able is a holistic example of a company that prides itself on quality– in product, design, research, customer service, etc. For these reasons, it was an extra special opportunity for me to be a part of this Artist Series. I’ve chatted with Keith over coffee, and really admire what he’s doing for the coffee industry.

I had a ton of fun working on this poster, and am happy with the end result– a hand-drawn rendering of the Kone V.3 instructions. If you like it, be sure to head over to the Able site, where you can purchase your own. It’s a 13×19 poster, only 25 were made, and all proceeds go to the artist (me).


Many thanks to Able, and for the guys at Jolby and Friends for the opportunity. Check out their poster as well!

*Photos from the website*

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