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October 23, 2012

I had the privilege of teaming up with PT’s Coffee Roasters in Topeka, Kansas this past month to help out with the first ever “Flatlanders Barista Cup.”

The event will feature numerous speakers from coffee producing countries, the 2011 World Barista Champion, coffee competitions, and amazing coffees.

Jeff and Autumn asked me to come up with something as a logo for the event, as well as a graphic for the Saturday Night Live Barista Throwdown. I tried to keep something of a Midwest feel to these—mostly because, to be honest, there isn’t a ton of representation/pride when it comes to coffee in the Midwest.

There are amazing roasters in the Midwest, but they often get out-trumpeted by hotspots like the Pacific Northwest. I’m really excited to be involved with this event, even in such a small way.

Head over to the website for more details on the event!

Flatlanders Barista Cup

Sprudge: Flatlanders Barista Cup



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