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April 13, 2012

A few weekends ago, AeroPress lovers from Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and New York gathered in Mansfield, Ohio for the first-ever Northeast Regional AeroPress Championship. I had the idea to organize the event a couple months ago, and it was surprising to see how easy it fell into place. Thanks to folks like Brent Fortune of Coffee Common, Paul Kemerling of Relax Coffee, and various others who helped spread the word made it such an easy event to throw.

Danny Shannon of NYC took top prize and will be representing the Northeast in next Friday’s USAC. I’m really confident in Danny, and I can’t think of a better rep to send from our event – the guy knows what he’s doing and has been in tons of competitions. Best of luck to him as he flies out to PDX. I’m happy to have placed second in the event, using Kuma Coffee’s Kenya Gethumbwini, roasted especially for this event. Kuma continues to impress me, and I think it opened some eyes during the event. Our third place winner was Courtenay Roberts of Nexus Coffee in Cleveland, Ohio.

Again, a huge thanks to all the competitors, judges, and attendees – we ended up with 8 total competitors, 3 great judges who gave up their time on a Saturday, and probably 40-50 spectators in and out throughout the evening. Lastly, thanks to Paul and his crew at Relax, It’s Just Coffee for being amazing hosts, dishing out pourovers and espresso drinks all night, and for not only being willing to host, but for being excited and enthusiastic. It’s a pleasure to have you up the road in Mansfield.

I’d really encourage you to consider hosting or being part of a regional next year – Brent Fortune and Tim Varney have done a great job setting up the WAC and other AeroPress competitions, and I think the event is only going to grow. It would be awesome to see more regionals pop up in the US next year, and even more National competitions around the world. I’m already planning next year’s Italian AeroPress Championship. If this event succeeded so well in Mansfield, Ohio, I’m confident that it can succeed in other cities around the country. If you have questions, feel free to email me ( or Brent Fortune.

Here are some photos from the event:

Champ Danny Shannon

2nd Place

3rd Place: Courtenay Roberts

Check out all the photos on Flickr by following the links below:

Photos from Erin Bergman (my younger sister):

Photos from Glenn Stephenson (my Uncle):



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