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March 22, 2012

I’ve been doing a cold-brewed AeroPress for the last few days – mainly inspired by Rob Dunne’s Instagram post – and they’ve all turned out great. The only iced coffees I’ve had previously have basically tasted like someone put ice in some old, poorly-made drip-brew and handed it to me in a plastic cup that’s coated in a thin layer of day-old coffee, so this is a nice deviation from that.

The Stumptown Peru Cecovasa came out spicy and smooth.

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2 Responses to Thursday Coffee: Iced Stumptown

  1. Jason says:

    Been looking for a small quantity way to cold brew coffee. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    @Jason: bodum press pot. coarsely grind your dose, add < ???> water, break bloom (fully saturate grounds) with a few stirs, place in fridge over night, in the morning, press like you would after four minutes of hot immersion. pour over ice, enjoy.

    TODDY also makes a great small brewer if you want to make a small investment and purchase a personal double filtration system for your kitchen counter.

    For small batches at a shop, take a twelve ounce bag of your favorite SO or blend that wants to be lo ed, grind it course, add it to a five quart pan, let it sit for atleast twelve hours, I let mine go for a full day.

    The next day, grab that chemex, pre-wet a paper filter, then pour the "cold brew" concentrate and filter it through, yield is around four quarts or approximately twenty iced coffees.

    if you charge three dollars a cup and make sixty off of a twelve ounce bag, you just made sixty dollars on a maximum twelve dollar investment.

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