Coffee inspires creativity—this is merely an overflow of that. A bit of my coffee journey in the form of doodles and sketches.
March 16, 2012

I first had this coffee sent to me by someone out in Portland, and I was instantly impressed by the fact that the farmer’s name was the first thing I saw on the bag. Coava did a great job with the simple packaging and a fantastic job roasting this coffee to a fruity, spicy perfection.

A few days after that, Andrew at Milstead and Co in Seattle pulled a nice shot with the coffee. Highly recommended!

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2 Responses to Friday Doodle: Benjamin Miranda Roasted by Coava

  1. This coffee is delicious! It was one of the coffees Andrew picked when he first opened the doors at Milstead & Co. Cool Coava Dooodle!

  2. Scott U says:

    Glad to hear you liked it!

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