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March 26, 2012

While the NE Regional AeroPress Championships were going on in Mansfield, OH this weekend, the North Central Regional Barista Championship and South Central Regional Barista Championship were in Chicago combining to form the Big Central Regional Barista Championship. That’s a lot of regional action for one weekend.

Somehow (thanks to sprudge), I think everyone was able to keep things straight and winners were announced via twitter.

As is customary for these regional championships, I did a doodle to congratulate the winners. Huge props to Ryan Knapp of MadCap for winning the North Central Regional Barista Championship for the second straight year, and congratulations to Lorenzo Perkins of Cuvee Coffee (South Central) for winning his second barista title in three years. As far as the Brewer’s Cup goes, Jon Ferguson became the first independent brewer in 2012 to take home the cake, and Mike Marquard of Half and Half snagged the South Central cup.

Nice job, everyone.

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  1. Chase Mann says:

    Where have you been Ben? Hope all is well buddy.

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