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February 29, 2012

One thing I’ve come to love about coffee is the amount of collaboration that takes place, and the combination of “efforts” that make up each cup. From the relentless care and passion of the farmers all the way up to the last drop from a kettle, the coffee that ends up in my cup has been through many different hands all over the world.

So, today, I wanted to show that. I felt like my doodles had been getting a little bit centered on an individual roaster or company, rather than the collaborative industry I’ve come to know coffee as.

I’ve had two different coffees today – Passion House Coffee’s Rwanda Buf, and Tonx’s Tanzania Mpito – made using two different brewing methods – Chemex and Aeropress. I used a Baratza Maestro to grind it up, a Bonavita kettle to pour water over it through a Kaffeologie filter, straight into a Dear Coffee, I Love You Keep Cup.

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2 Responses to Wednesday Doodle: Collaborative

  1. Drew Moody says:

    I just posted a huge comment on this and it got erased… Ugh. Anyway, what I essentially said was "I'm glad you're having a more pleasurable experience in the specialty coffee world than a lot of us former and current specialty coffee folks have had (or are having)."

    You're coming into contact with a lot of professionals who are very pleasant and are committed to promoting coffee instead of themselves. I spent ten years being a barista and roasting and teaching classes and, as much as I miss doing that kind of work, I shudder at the thought of going back to it – I've dealt with enough coffee snobs and jerks to last me a lifetime, lol.

    The coffee community should engage with each other as a community – a big coffee family. Unfortunately, just like any other medium (whether it's wine, Star Wars, sports, or music), while in the minority, are much louder (and much more obnoxious) than the majority of coffee professionals that are just as nice as can be.

  2. Ben Blake says:

    Drew – I'm extremely thankful that my first experiences within the coffee industry have been pleasurable. To be honest, aside from the occasional "know it all" who has an agenda, the people I've met have been incredible.

    That's what has set it apart for me as being such a unique, collaborative industry…

Ben Blake

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