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February 21, 2012

I’m continually blown away by how diverse, unique, and complex the coffees I’ve had from Kuma Coffee are. I didn’t think the Honey Pot Espresso could live up to the Panama Elida Estate, Kenya Gichatha-ini, or Kenya Gethumbwini I tried from Kuma, but it does. Kuma continues to impress me and has really started to separate itself as a premiere coffee roaster.

Nice job, Mark.


In case you haven't seen the great mugs I collaborated with Kuma on, you can check them out here:

On a completely separate note, the Bonavita electric kettle that @myBonavita was kind enough to send me has been a godsend. Before I had the luxury of a gooseneck kettle, I was basically splashing water all over my pourovers and chemex to brew coffee. Now, I get a nice, skinny, even pour that doesn’t require much tipping. Highly recommend this kettle.

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