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February 23, 2012

Austin over at Augie’s Coffee Roasters in Redlands, CA was kind enough to send me some coffees this week. I’m really enjoying this particular Rwanda. I’m not a coffee note expert, and typically use the roaster’s description to pull out notes – I think the description is perfect: tons of vanilla, clove, and sweet citrus. Reminds me of rooibos tea sometimes.

If you’re part of the LA Coffee Club, I’m pretty sure this coffee is on its way to you right now. Very tasty.

Augie’s sent over three coffees: Rwanda Cokoco-op, Brazil Fazenda Rainha, and Guatemala. I haven’t tried the Guatemala yet, but the Brazil has a nice milky, almond taste to it. Brazilian has never been my favorite, but this coffee is a unique and stands out. I like the bright labels on the black bags:

“The color represents the growing region of that specific coffee. Red – Africa, Green – South America, Blue – Central America, White – Espresso Blend.”

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