Coffee inspires creativity—this is merely an overflow of that. A bit of my coffee journey in the form of doodles and sketches.
February 28, 2012

A couple weeks back, I posted a review on a great shop in my hometown of Mansfield, OH. Relax, It’s Just Coffee draws inspiration and life from a combination of coffee, art, and community. This video does a beautiful job of showcasing what Relax is all about. Relax. Even if you don’t live close enough to visit, I think you’ll draw some inspiration from this video. I really appreciate what Paul and his crew are aiming for.

“The team at Relax believes in revolution, restoration, & renovation. They aim to incite progression where we are, with each other. That’s why they took the best methods in home and commercial brewing, and offered them in a setting that celebrates the arts and human spirit.

Bringing life back to our area is a passion one must stay awake for.”

Asleep No More from Jonathan Critcher on Vimeo.

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