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February 29, 2012

This past Saturday, the guys over at Handsome took years of collaboration, creation, and effort, and turned it into the grand opening of their first location. If you were on twitter at all over the last couple weeks, it would’ve been hard to miss the fact that there was a lot hype leading up to this event, including a pre-opening launch party with privileged guests from all over.

I’ve been impressed with the careful  and thoughtful design Handsome has put into their bags and their site design – now they’ve taken their ideas, with the help of Woodsmithe, and created a beautiful storefront to settle into.

Congratulations to you all, and to everyone else who has the privilege to work behind the bar. You’re doing big things and living a dream. Enjoy it.

Make sure you check out this beautiful video about Handsome and Woodsmithe’s work together.

Handsome Coffee x WoodSmithe from WoodSmithe on Vimeo.

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