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February 23, 2012

When I started this project almost two months ago, I was looking for a unique way to explore the love I have for coffee, and to do something creative with it that would somehow allow me to participate in the coffee industry. Thanks in large part to the amazing support of folks like you, I’ll get my first opportunity this weekend.

I’m heading west to Warrenville, IL (outskirts of Chicago) to participate as a VIP Blogger at Coffee Con 2012, hosted by Kevin Sinnott. The event claims to be the first ever international consumer coffee conference, and is centered around the idea of total transparency and hands-on coffee education for those who love coffee and love to brew it.

“CoffeeCON 2012 is an opportunity to journey into the world’s most amazing coffee varieties from around the world and learn about brewing, and even roasting, in every style imaginable. Top world amateur and professional coffee experts will present a wide variety of seminars and hands-on labs. Attendees will sample the world’s best beans and experiment with the latest brewing equipment. Exhibitors will include many high-end coffee roasters, coffee equipment manufacturers, coffee farmers and innovative coffee products.”

Registration is free and open to the public until Friday, February 24th – if you show up at the door on Saturday, you’ll have to pay $10 to get in. Brewing labs, coffee stations, and vendors will be around all day, and there are quite a few classes you can sign up for: AeroPress hacks, Beginner Home Roasting, Correct Grinding, Coffee Farming, and Chemex Brewing just to name a few.

The entire event seems like a great way to learn more about home brewing, different ways to brew coffee, and the entire coffee process from farmer to cup.

Kevin Sinnott

For me, this is a great opportunity to not only network and connect with those in the coffee industry, but to learn more about coffee as a whole. I’m especially excited about the opportunity to meet and interview Geoff Watts, (Intelligentsia), George Howell (Terroir), and Oren Bloostein (Oren’s Daily Roast). To some degree, these guys are legends in the coffee industry, so it really is a privilege to get the chance to chat with them. I’ll be taking pictures and posting updates via twitter throughout the day. If you’ll be at the event, I’d love to connect.

Check out the full Coffee Con Press Release.

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  1. Ross says:

    Looking forward to your coverage! I'm from Chicago but am out of town this weekend so I'm anxious to hear your impressions.

Ben Blake

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